The mobile app “Road patrol”

2015-03-30 15:28:46

The mobile app “Road patrol”

The mobile app „Road patrol“ is developed for the international association for insured and injured in car accidents IAIC. The app is invented to reduce the problem with the numerous daily violations on the road. The Android users can download it for free from Google Play.

With this app you can make pictures of the violators on the road and share them with the other users and also to send them in the traffic police office. It’s necessary to register with e-mail once, than when you enter choose the icon with the camera and shoot the violator. There are options to make a comment, to add the license plate and the type of the violation. Click on “Send” and the picture is shared. 


IAIC is organization which goals are to help people injured in car accidents in the last 5 years. They work with people who are injured whether drivers, passengers or walkers.

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